Custom cushions, sewing, pillows, bedding, and drapes in Vancouver WA


Draperies Vancouver WA

Draperies are one of the simplest ways to add class and personal style to your home. Vancouver Washington draperies

Pictured left, a client with a beautiful library called me to create custom draperies for them.

The windows were expansive and a large sitting area rested against the glass.

The draperies I created had to match the style and luxury that the room had, while still standing out as a feature for the space.

Draperies in Vancouver WAUpon finishing and hanging these gorgeous draperies, the client relayed their joy and appreciation for an accent that they will always get to see in their home library.

Pictured right, a recent client hired me to create these beautiful midnight blue draperies to hang in their Vancouver Washington home.

The luxurious fabric cascades down and puddles at the floor for a more elegant look.

At night these draperies can be closed to block out evening and early morning sun.  In the day time, when pulled back, these drapes superbly frame the natural outdoor scenery.

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Custom Valances Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington

A valance is a type of window treatment defined as a length of decorative drapery hung above a window to hide the blind or curtain fittings.

I have had the honor to create custom valances for Portland Oregon residents and people living in Vancouver WA alike.

Portland OR valanceBelow are examples of some of the valances I’ve recently created.

To the right is a custom valance I sewed for a client who was looking for smooth, straight, clean lines to accent a room in their home with a contemporary style.

Portland OR custom valanceOn the left is a pleated, goblet-style valance.  Knotted cording embellishes each goblet and swags between them for a more elegant look.

custom valances Portland OregonTo the right is a board-mounted valance with inverted pleats on the side and cording along the top. This is a great option as an accent for a small window in any room.

Interested in custom valances for your home in Portland or Vancouver?  Contact me today and I will help finish your decor in the best way possible- with custom window treatments.

Cushions Vancouver WA

Pillows and CushionsIf you are looking for custom cushions in Vancouver Washington, then you’ll be happy that you stumbled across Seam Sew Divine.

Here we create custom cushions for homeowners, interior decorators, and businesses looking to create a beautiful atmosphere for their families, clients and customers.

Marie, of Seam Sew Divine, has created pieces that were used in Parade of Homes, so you know that her products are high quality, stylish products which can add a sense of completeness to the room you decide to add her custom cushions to.

Hire Seam Sew Divine for one project and you won’t stop at custom cushions, you’ll be hooked on them for all of your custom sewing needs.

Call today at (360) 213-9204, or click for more on cushions Vancouver WA.

Bedding Vancouver WA

Purchasing bedding in Vancouver WA can be as intimate or as impersonal as you’d like it to be.bedding Vancouver WA

If you’re the kind of person that knows that your bed is the ultimate spot for relaxation and stress relief, then you know how important it is to feel completely comfortable in your bed.  You also know that there’s nothing more calming than walking into your bedroom and seeing your gorgeous bed all made up and beckoning to you to climb in!

Custom bedding is such a great way to bring your personal touch to your room while creating an atmosphere that will be unmatched by anything else.

imageIn need of a custom duvet cover?  Seam Sew Divine can create that for you.  How about pillows, bed skirts, and more?  Your dream bedroom can be a reality if you get in contact with Seam Sew Divine.

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Custom Curtains Portland Oregon and Vancouver WA

Portland Oregon curtainsCurtains are a beautiful way to turn a house into a home.  Selecting your fabric and commissioning a seamstress like me to create custom curtains allows you to put your own signature on your home and make your decor look completely cohesive.

Vancouver Washington curtainsTo the left is a board-mounted swag valance with tassles and an under layer of traditional gathered sheers.

To the right is a gathered rod pocket curtain which accents a child’s room more cost effectively than traditional curtains.

Whether you live in Portland Oregon or Vancouver WA, you can get custom curtains like the ones seen here.

Contact me today for details or pricing on your new custom curtains.



Custom Cornices Portland Oregon and Vancouver WA

Cornices and Draperies in Vancouver WACornices are a less-known type of window treatments, but they satisfy a great need among homeowners.  When homeowners have pets, they often worry that those pets will ruin their drapes or other hanging window treatments, but they still long for the finished, stylized look that comes from custom window treatments.

This is when I can explain to them that they have another option- cornices!

I have been commissioned by many homeowners in Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington to create cornices that will compliment their homes.

Pictured here, these cornices are made of wood padded with batting and covered in fabric and trim for a clean look.

cornice seamsewdivineOn the right, these board-mounted blue contemporary cornices provide clean lines that play up the style of the bedroom they were made for.

If you are in need of cornices or any other type of window treatments, give me a call today.  Click to see my gallery or learn more about the window treatments I create.

Drapes Vancouver WA

drapes in Vancouver WAWindows let beautiful, natural light into your home, and provide you with gorgeous landscapes to peer out at throughout your day.

Framing the windows of your home is an essential way to maximize the beauty that these windows can provide, and custom drapes are a classic way to create the framing that you’re looking for.

Finished drapes can be purchased at many department and home improvement stores, but custom drapes are harder to come by.

Seam Sew Divine also creates custom drapes for RVs.  If your RV is in need of drapes, contact Seam Sew Divine and you’ll be very happy with the outcome.

If you have an interior designer who is working on creating a stylish living area for you, then you should tell them about Seam Sew Divine who creates custom drapes for Vancouver Washington homes and business.

Or if you are setting up a new master suite for yourself, then you should really contact Marie at Seam Sew Divine to find out about what she can do to provide you with amazing custom drapes.

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Light Upholstery Vancouver WA

Light Upholstery Vancouver WA

Have ideas about updating a stool, or chair through light upholstery?  Been wanting to do it for a long while, but never finding the spare time to make it happen?

That’s something that I can help with.

Call with project details and we can discuss the best way to make your vision for the piece a reality.

Updated Club Chair



Check out this great before and after shot!

A client bought this chair at a garage sale, and hired me to create a slipcover to give it a gorgeous, updated look!

We also created a custom cushion to go along with it.

What a difference using the right fabric  on the right style chair can make!


Cushions Vancouver WA

Who doesn’t love these beautiful, classic tufted cushions?!

Had  fun doing a lot of cushions lately. My current window seat I am doing is 12 feet long, by 4 ft wide.  An all time record for a large resting area.

This one shown here was for a kitchen area, and they wanted tufted cushions.

The covered buttons add  a touch of sophistication to a lovely nook.


Tufted Headboards in Vancouver WA

headboards by Vancouver WA seamstress
Headboards, Headboards, Headboards!!!!

Headboards are becoming so popular.  You are seeing them on all the Home and Garden shows, in magazines, and in bedrooms.  Theses headboards are a great focal point in a room.

The one on the left is in my bedroom.  I will share a secret with you.  The fabric was $ headboard by Seam Sew Divine

I was able to cover a headboard, make a pillow, and a bed skirt for that small amount of money!

Fabric is becoming very expensive.  I went to an overstock shop, and found a king size quilted bedspread, and it was just the right amount for my queen size bed.  I saved a ton of money on the purchasing of fabric.

Give me a call. I cannot wait to make a tufted headboard for you.

You will love how cozy and comfortable they can be.

Window Treatments Vancouver WA

There are many different types of window treatments that I create that can add class and style to any home.

window-treatments-vancouver-waSome of these options are:

  • Curtains
  • Valances
  • Cornices
  • Draperies

Deciding on the best kind of window treatments for you usually comes down to a few different things; the style of your current home, your own personal taste, and your budget.

The window treatments I create are completely custom, they are not something you can pick up at the big box store down the street.  So in order to create custom window treatments to fit the style of your home, you and/or your Interior Designer should look at your furniture, flooring, and decor that is currently in place.  From that you should start to see what might be a good option for your home.

Portland Oregon curtainsThen you might think about taste.  Do you have elegant, classic, or modern taste?  Each style has different types of window treatments that work best.

Finally, decide on your budget.  Your budget will tell you what type of fabric and embellishments you can use for your custom window treatments.

I am happy to go over any and all window treatment options with you to help you decide what will be best for your home, your taste, and your budget.

Contact me today for more information.

Custom Sewing Vancouver WA

Custom sewing is not difficult to find in Vancouver WA.  All you have to do is call up Seam Sew Divine at (360) 213-9204 to set up an appointment and see how easy it is to get custom sewing for your Vancouver Washington home.

Those who have used Seam Sew Divine for their sewing needs have been nothing but ecstatic about their results!

“I was impressed with Marie’s work and communication with me throughout my project. I had a definite design idea that I wanted and Marie was able to make it come to life. She was very easy to work with and I would highly recommend her.”

“I’ve had Marie help me with several design ideas I’ve had. She is easy to work with, has great ideas, and a good eye for detail. She obviously is very experienced and talented, and I’m going to continue to work with her on other projects! Highly recommended.”

So if you are looking for the same type of experience that these two customers have had with Marie of Seam Sew Divine, then you need to hire this company for your sewing needs in Vancouver WA.

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Seamstress Vancouver WA

Looking for a seamstress to create custom cushions, pillows, bedding, window treatments and slipcovers?

Looking for a seamstress to work hand-in-hand with your interior designer to create a beautifully unique look for you and your home that no one else can say they have?

Seam Sew Divine is a wonderful option for all those looking to bring style and class to their home through the intricate touches that custom sewing can bring to any Vancouver Washington home.

You can view examples of the work done by Seam Sew Divine in any of the following categories:

Bridal alterations are also available at Seam Sew Divine.  I have worked on hundreds of beautiful bridal gowns for many years at many different shops.  If you or someone you know needs bridal alterations, don’t hesitate to call for a custom quote.

Call (360) 213-9204 now to set up an appointment to meet with the seamstresses at Seam Sew Divine today, or click to learn more about seamstress Vancouver WA!