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Draperies Vancouver WA

Draperies are one of the simplest ways to add class and personal style to your home. Vancouver Washington draperies

Pictured left, a client with a beautiful library called me to create custom draperies for them.

The windows were expansive and a large sitting area rested against the glass.

The draperies I created had to match the style and luxury that the room had, while still standing out as a feature for the space.

Draperies in Vancouver WAUpon finishing and hanging these gorgeous draperies, the client relayed their joy and appreciation for an accent that they will always get to see in their home library.

Pictured right, a recent client hired me to create these beautiful midnight blue draperies to hang in their Vancouver Washington home.

The luxurious fabric cascades down and puddles at the floor for a more elegant look.

At night these draperies can be closed to block out evening and early morning sun.  In the day time, when pulled back, these drapes superbly frame the natural outdoor scenery.

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