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Custom Cornices Portland Oregon and Vancouver WA

Cornices and Draperies in Vancouver WACornices are a less-known type of window treatments, but they satisfy a great need among homeowners.  When homeowners have pets, they often worry that those pets will ruin their drapes or other hanging window treatments, but they still long for the finished, stylized look that comes from custom window treatments.

This is when I can explain to them that they have another option- cornices!

I have been commissioned by many homeowners in Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington to create cornices that will compliment their homes.

Pictured here, these cornices are made of wood padded with batting and covered in fabric and trim for a clean look.

cornice seamsewdivineOn the right, these board-mounted blue contemporary cornices provide clean lines that play up the style of the bedroom they were made for.

If you are in need of cornices or any other type of window treatments, give me a call today.  Click to see my gallery or learn more about the window treatments I create.

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