Custom cushions, sewing, pillows, bedding, and drapes in Vancouver WA

Tufted Headboards in Vancouver WA

headboards by Vancouver WA seamstress
Headboards, Headboards, Headboards!!!!

Headboards are becoming so popular.  You are seeing them on all the Home and Garden shows, in magazines, and in bedrooms.  Theses headboards are a great focal point in a room.

The one on the left is in my bedroom.  I will share a secret with you.  The fabric was $ headboard by Seam Sew Divine

I was able to cover a headboard, make a pillow, and a bed skirt for that small amount of money!

Fabric is becoming very expensive.  I went to an overstock shop, and found a king size quilted bedspread, and it was just the right amount for my queen size bed.  I saved a ton of money on the purchasing of fabric.

Give me a call. I cannot wait to make a tufted headboard for you.

You will love how cozy and comfortable they can be.

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